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CG Police Constable Exam Paper 2016 Download Solved Model Question

Download Constable Written Exam Paper with Answer Key 2016 Solution

CG Police Constable Exam was held on 17th July 2016. Chhattisgarh Police will recruit constable GD through the exam. You can download previous years question paper from the download link we have provided with answer keys. The written exam which was conducted on 17-07-2016 was moderate. The official website will provide detailed solution / answer key in PDF. In between download our model question paper for CG Police Constable GD 2016 examfully solved / with answers keys.


Click to see: CG Police Constable 2016 Exam Result Cut Off Marks Written Test.


1) In which of the following organ carbohydrate is stored as glycogen?

A) Intestine B) stomach C) liver D) pancreas.

3) Ohm’s law does not apply to of the following?

A) Circuits B) conductors C) semi conductors D) none of these.

4) Which of the following is used in oven?

A) X-RAY b) UV-RAYS c) microwaves D) radiowaves.

5) One of the states through which the tropic of cancer passes is BIHAR

A) Jammu and Kashmir) himachal pradesh C) bihar D) Jharkhand.

6) On which one of the following rivers, the indo park bagalihar project is located?

A) Chenab b) Jhelum C) beas D) Sutlej.

7) who propounded the market law?


8) The term paper gold means –

A) Special drawing rights of the IMF B) special accommodation facility of the WOLRD BANK C) CURRECNCIES STILL ON GOLD STANDARD D) deficit financing.

9) Where is the headquarter of international bank for reconstruction and development located?

A) Geneva B) Washington dc C) LONDON d) Paris.

10) In Indian as per census 2011, the Indian’s population growth rate has declined from 21.54% to

A) 17.64% B) 17.65% C) 17.63% D) 17.66%.

11) comptroller and auditor general of India is appointed by

A) president B) speaker of the lok sabha C) chairman of the planning commission D) finance minister

12) Japan’s parliament is known as

A) diet B) dail C) yuan D) shora.

13) The Indian parliament consists of

A) lok sabha only B) lok sabha and the president C) rajya sabha and lok sabha D) the president ,rajya sabha and lok sabha.

14) Which one of the following  four Vedas contains an account of magical charms and spells?

A) rigveda B) samaveda C) yajurveda D) atharvaveda.

15) Which religious reformer of western India was known as lokhitwadi?

A) gopal hari deshmukh B) RG bhandarkar C) mahadev govind ranade D) BG tilak.


1)C 2)A 3)C 4)C 5)D 6)A 7)B 8)A 9)B 10)A 11)A 12)A 13)D 14)D 15)A

Download CG Police Dept Constable (GD) Written Exam 2016 Question Paper with answer Key

Click on the link to download the PDF question paper – Click Here.



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