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Current Affairs Quiz MCQ Daily GK Questions Answers

23rd June 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

Question 1. Recently launched CatroSat-2 will be mainly used for ?

a) Marine Navigation

b) Meteorology Department

c) Commercial TV Communication

d) Defence Purposes

Answer – D.

Question 2. VAJRA Scheme is related to ?

a) Human Development Projects.

b) Rural Electrification Scheme

c) Scientific Research & Development

d) Rainwater harvesting

Answer – C

Question 3. CSIR’s CCMB in Hyderabad was chosen for hosting Atal Incubation Centre for biotechnology start-ups by?

a) NITI Aayog

b) Vigyan Academy


d) JNU

Answer – A

Question 4. NATGRID is related to ?

a) Electricity Distribution Project

b) Income Tax Database Project

c) Project for Intelligence Database to counter terrorism

d) Project for development of National Highways

Answer – C


22nd June 2017 – Current Affairs MCQ Quiz

Question 1. Slum Daud is launched by ?

a) Ministry of rural development

b) Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports

c) Ministry of urban development

d) Ministry of human resource development

Answer – B

Question 2. Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) mission will be launched by NASA and ?

a) Australian Space Agency


c) Italian Space Agency

d) Chinese Space Agency

Answer – C

Question 3. Which country has launched world’s first train that runs on virtual tracks ?

a) India

b) Japan

c) China

d) Korea

Answer – C

Question 4. Operation Swarn is related to ?

a) Improvement of Indian Railway

b) Improvement of Indian Agriculture Production

c) Enhancing rural livelihood

d) Improving gold mining in India

Answer – A

Question 5. Roll Out Solar Array (ROSA), which is recently in news headlines, was introduced in which field ?

a) Space Projects

b) Solar Cell Production

c) Radar Detection

d) River projects

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