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Current Affairs Quiz Daily MCQ Questions Answers

Current Affairs Daily Quiz MCQ Questions Answers for Competitive Exams

Current Affairs Daily Quiz MCQ type objective questions will be posted here. These will boost your preparation for various govt job recruitment exam. Current Affairs is an important subject of various competitive exams. The Multiple choice questions will help you remembering your daily current affairs points and short notes. You should practice the current affairs daily quiz regularly. Answers of the questions will also be posted here. You can visit our Current Affairs Short Notes Section for daily current affairs in brief points format which is easy to remember.

23rd June 2017:

Question 1. Recently launched CatroSat-2 will be mainly used for ?

a) Marine Navigation

b) Meteorology Department

c) Commercial TV Communication

d) Defence Purposes

Answer – D.

Question 2. VAJRA Scheme is related to ?

a) Human Development Projects.

b) Rural Electrification Scheme

c) Scientific Research & Development

d) Rainwater harvesting

Answer – C

Question 3. CSIR’s CCMB in Hyderabad was chosen for hosting Atal Incubation Centre for biotechnology start-ups by?

a) NITI Aayog

b) Vigyan Academy


d) JNU

Answer – A

Question 4. NATGRID is related to ?

a) Electricity Distribution Project

b) Income Tax Database Project

c) Project for Intelligence Database to counter terrorism

d) Project for development of National Highways

Answer – C

22nd June 2017:

Question 1. Slum Daud is launched by ?

a) Ministry of rural development

b) Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports

c) Ministry of urban development

d) Ministry of human resource development

Answer – B

Question 2. Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) mission will be launched by NASA and ?

a) Australian Space Agency


c) Italian Space Agency

d) Chinese Space Agency

Answer – C

Question 3. Which country has launched world’s first train that runs on virtual tracks ?

a) India

b) Japan

c) China

d) Korea

Answer – C

Question 4. Operation Swarn is related to ?

a) Improvement of Indian Railway

b) Improvement of Indian Agriculture Production

c) Enhancing rural livelihood

d) Improving gold mining in India

Answer – A

Question 5. Roll Out Solar Array (ROSA), which is recently in news headlines, was introduced in which field ?

a) Space Projects

b) Solar Cell Production

c) Radar Detection

d) River projects

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